John’s Website – everything you want to know about John and more...
Ben’s Website – everything you want to know about Ben and more...
David Thompson – bassist extrordonaire, occasional Growling Old Man and builder of this website
Leon Hunt – banjoist extrordonaire and occasional Growling Old Man


Elixir Strings – John & Ben endorse ‘em
Proulx Guitars  – John plays 'em
A.L. Smart Mandolins – Ben plays 'em
Heiden Mandolins – Ben plays 'em
Fletcher Brock Stringed Instruments  – Ben plays 'em


The Henhouse – a great place to record your next CD
Targhee Music Camp – every August in the Tetons – Ben started it…
Fishing Music – two CDs, a band, a lifestyle, an attitude…
Brother Mule – Ben’s other band
Brickhouse Creative – ad agency in Bozeman and builders of this site
Brian Wicklund – ace fiddler
Eric Thorin – ace bass
American Mandolin Method – Ben’s new instruction book, published by MelBay

Real Fine Music - booking agency in Germany run by our friends Thomas & Herta Kaerner