“This is my favorite kind of music – made by old friends on the back Porch"
~Dan Miller, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine~

 "The Growling Old Men aren't really as scary as they sound"
~Missoula Independent~

 "I've been hearing about these young men for a long time but they do not come around American centers of population to advance their careers.  They have isolated themselves out here in Montana and Victor, Idaho on account of their lifelong obsession with fishing.  Not so old, not so growly, a real fine bluegrass duo.  They're great." 
~Garrison Keillor of A Prairie Home Companion~

"One of the most engaging releases I've heard this decade...Growling Old Men sparkles with outstandingly original material, and irrepressibly western tinged groove, energetic picking and fine singing.  You can rest assured that I'll be wearing it out in Nashville." 
~Dave Higgs, WPLN-FM, Nashville~

"The duo makes uncompromising music that fits somewhere between Old & In The Way, and Chris Hillman.  The playing is fluid and inventive, the vocals tight, and the arrangements fresh.  The duo doesn't set a foot wrong in this unpretentious set."
~Relix Magazine~

"The two play together with the fluidity and ease that comes only with years of practice and a healthy dose of natural talent."
~Dirty Linen~

 "This one's definitely a keeper...there is a comfort and casualness to the voices, the lyrics and the instrumentation that draws you in and keeps you listening to it over and over again.  Both Winship and Lowell are outstanding songwriters.  Winship's "Lily Green" and Lowell's "Sarah Hogan" are destined to become bluegrass standards”
~Flatpicking Guitar Magazine~

"Breathing new life into old songs and tunes, these musicians approach their craft carefully; rearranging, substituting chords and whatever else it is they do.  They write new tunes that sound like they've been around for years and arrange traditional ones in a way that makes them sound as fresh sounding as they ever were.  John and Ben's gentle, laid back approach to Bluegrass and Old Time music combined with Leon and Dom's smooth arrangements of Irish and American tunes is a match made in Heaven.
~John Wirtz, Sore Fingers Summer Schools, Kingham, UK