Other Great CDs

John Lowell Going to the West

Brand new solo release!!
John Lowell: I Am Going to the West

Features John in an intimate studio setting – just guitar and vocals. Stellar production and great tones. This collection includes 7 Lowell originals and 5 traditional numbers. Fans will enjoy the solo version of Sarah Hogan. Also a beautifully sung version of the Lakes of Ponchartrain.

Waterbound / Angus Mackenzie / Eight More Miles to Louisville
Lakes of Ponchartrain / Buffalo Skinners  / Rhythm of the Wheels
Am I Not Enough / Mama Don't Like It / Sarah Hogan
Laura Foster / Where the Heart Is / I Am Going to the West


The Creekwalkers of Montana

The Creekwalkers' "Slow Motion Sky" represents not so much a band but a collection of friends and musical ideas that come together to take a new spin on singer-songwriter/Americana music.

Part folk, part bluegrass, pop rock with jazz, Slow Motion Sky is 13 songs written by Montana-based David Thompson and takes shape from the  skills of great vocalists and acoustic musicians from across the country. A must have for any fans of Kane's River, great singing, evocative songwriting and Americana music. Featuring:David Thompson, Margo Valiante, Julie Elkins, John Lowell, Ben Winship and many more.

If They Would Fly / Dirty Little Friend / Slow Motion Sky / Spring / Down By The Creek / Happy Place / Long Dark Night / I Don't Care / Never Made It Home / Let Them Sleep / Shadows / Snow Angels / Holidays

FM IIWinship & Thompson: Fishing Music II

The follow-up to the acclaimed Fishing Music, here is another spirited mix of songs and tunes inspired by fish, fishing, and rivers, featuring original performances by some of the country's finest acoustic musicians. Featuring: Ben Winship, Tim & Mollie O'Brien, Billy ovick, David Thompson, Jeffrey Foucault, Mike Dowling, Rob Ickes, Aoife O'Donovan, Margo Valiante, John Lowell, Leon Hunt, Matt Flinner and many more...

Little Miss Cutthroat/Mayfly/Gone Fishin'/The Eel's Nephew/Waiting on the Evening Rise
Wade in the Water/Fishin' in the Wind/Old Bamboo/I Caught a Keeper/Lost River
Church of the Wandering Stream/Fishing in the Dark/Opening Day
The Winding Stream/The Ol' Diamond Back Sturgeon/Jeff Sturgeon/ Everybody's Fishin'

Produced by Ben Winship & David Thompson
www.fishingmusic.com Copyright 2009

A portion of the Fishing Music profits are donated to organizations that help protect rivers. Visit fishingmusic.com for further information.


Kanes River: Same River Twice

"Kane's River is more than different - they're intelligent, original, versatile and virtuostic. And they're simply among the very best modern bluegrass bands out there."  – Tim Stafford

The band's second release is a superb follow up to their self-titled debut recording which captured national attention and spent many months on the Bluegrass Unlimited Top Ten Chart for radio airplay. Same River Twice showcases the band's diversity and noted vocal, instrumental and songwriting talents and includes themes ranging from classic bluegrass to shades of Celtic, folk and blues. Featuring John Lowell (guitar), Julie Elkins (banjo), Ben Winship (mandolin), Jason Thomas (fiddle) and David Thompson (acoustic bass).

Same River Twice / This Little Town / A Far Cry / Let it Slide
Richmond / Foisted Possum / Wind in the Wires / Jerusalem's Choir
So Long, Sally Johnson / Stars & Stones / Hey Spikedriver / Upstream
Listening to the Rain / Sailing Nowhere / False Hearted Lover's Blues


Winship & Thompson: Fishing Music
"You don't even have to be a fisherman to enjoy this fabulous CD" -Tom Brokaw

A spirited mix of songs about fishing fish & rivers performed in various styles by some of the planet's best acoustic musicians including; Tim O'Brien, Mike Dowling, Mollie O'Brien, Billy Novick, David Grier, Matt Flinner, Ben Winship, David Thompson, Rob Ickes and more. Classics from Ellington, Taj Mahal and Hoagy Carmichael are mixed with some fresh originals and a few Celtic treasures. From the solid swing of Django's Fly Fishing to the understated funk of Fish Ain't Bitin', the Celtic wistfullness of Ocean of Dreams to the cool jazz of Reflections off the Water, this disc has something for everyone.

The Important Part of Fishing / Fish Ain't Bitin / Lazy River
Up Stream / Fly Fishing / Deep River Blues / Fishing Blues / Fisherman's Reel
The Fishin' Hole (Andy Griffith theme) / Reflections off the Water / Madison Brown
Ocean of Dreams / Banks of Moorlough Shore / Celtic Fishing Set / I'm Gonna Go Fishin'


Brother Mule: Jawbone
"If you aren't tapping your feet to their music, you're dead."

Jawbone is the much anticipated, second release of this crazy, fun trio. Their debut recording, Big Twang, earned them the Indie Music Award's Best Americana CD of 2005. Jawbone, too, is a showcase of original and traditional vocals and instrumentals spanning genres of swing, old time, Celtic, old country and acoustic funk.

Brother Mule in concert is a musical conversation between three of America's most gifted acoustic musicians. The bandmates share the spotlight in a three-ringed circus of extraordinary talent and variety. Brian Wicklund ignites the stage with his fiery fiddling, Ben Winship plays tasty mandolin as he croons one of his finely crafted songs, while Eric Thorin pushes the boundaries of bass playing as an extreme sport.

Katy Bar the Door
Shady Grove - Half Past Four / Pool Bug / Radio On
Til the End of the World Rolls Round / Buck & Chuck
Take My Rest / Old Black Crow / Fiddler a Dram
Mule to Ride / Here I Am In Love Again / Trillium